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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Primark Jewellery Haul

I popped into Prirmark to pick up another suitcase for when we go on holiday in September (I thought it best to grab one sooner rather than waiting til the end of Summer when the shops possibly won't have them in stock any more), but of course I had to have a wander around. There weren't any clothes that took my fancy this time. I personally find the shop very hit or miss-sometimes I find loads of things I like and sometimes nothing. Hubby grabbed a couple of things but what I ended up coming home with was a few necklaces and a headband, most of which I bought with our hols in mind.

The first thing is this pretty floral headband, which was £3. I'm not really sure I'd wear this at home to be honest but I always feel like I can get away with these things more on holiday. I thought it would be pretty with a nice flowy maxi dress and at £3, if I don't get that much use out of it afterwards it doesn't matter too much.

These two necklaces were an absolute steal, being on sale for £1 each...I couldn't leave them! I thought the pastel shades of the one on the left would go nicely with a dress I already have. It's patterned and includes lilac and peach so this would tie in. Or it would also look nice with a plain top in either white or matching one of the shades in the necklace.

The 2nd £1 necklace reminds of something almost Egyptian looking and I actually looked at something similar in Dorothy Perkins recently that was around the £15 mark. I don't like spending an awful lot on costume jewellery because a lot of the time, all the high street branded stuff is of similar quality in my opinion. I didn't really want to spend £15 on it, but a similar one for £1 I had to have!

I also picked up a more brightly coloured necklace that is similar to the first of the £1 ones...only this one was £4 as it wasn't on sale. I thought the bright shades in this would be lovely with a white dress or top to add a splash of colour.

The final item I chose this floral necklace. It's sort of a smaller statement necklace and not too in your face while still being noticeable enough to add something to an outfit. I thought this would be a good one to bring on holiday because being gold, white and diamante, it would go with most outfits.

I will of course wear all the necklaces at home as well but I guess going and buying the suitcase put me in the holiday mood!

What do you think? Have you picked up anything from Primark lately?

Em x