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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Review:Zoeva Rose Golden Volume 2 Complete Eye Set

It was recently my birthday and I treated myself to the Zoeva Rose Golden Volume 2 Complete Eye Brush Set as a kind of birthday present to myself. I already had a few of the individual rose golden brushes (read the review post here) but I'd had my eye on more of the range for a while. I came to the conclusion that it made more sense to buy the set rather than more individual brushes because it works out better value.

The set comes with 12 brushes and costs £65, which means that each brush works out to be under £6. That's pretty bargainous for great quality brushes if you ask me! Not to mention the case/ makeup bag that comes with it that is really nice quality as well.

The 12 brushes are everything you could need as far as eye makeup goes. There are flat brushes for packing on eye shadow, crease brushes of various sizes, a pencil brush, angled/ eyebrow brush, a tiny smudger brush, the list goes on. All of them are nice and soft, wash well and do not shed. The other brushes I previously bought from Zoeva have been washed quite a few times and still look as good as new.

I also think that these brushes are unbelievably pretty with their nude handles and rose gold ferrules. I know that brushes are for serving a practicle purpose, but it always helps when something is super pretty too, right?! These sit in a little brush holder where I do my makeup and there's just something so satisfying about seeing a matching set of pretty rose gold brushes. 

I really think this brush set is worth the money if you're into nice makeup brushes. It would also make a lovely gift.

Have you tried Zoeva makeup brushes? What do you think?

Em x