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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Review: Hylamide Pore Delete

I recently bought Hylamide Pore Delete from the brand Deciem who advertise themselves as 'The Abnormal Beauty Company'. I thought it seemed like a really interesting product, especially because I have large pores on and around my nose (which is typical for oily skin). Some days it bothers me because I feel like they are noticeable and my skin doesn't look as smooth as it could with my makeup on. I figured this product was worth a go.

The product claims to mattify the skin, minimize pores and blur imperfections, which sounded brilliant. It is designed to mimic the results of photo retouching software (read more about the science here). The directions say to apply it either as a last step if using it as part of your skincare routine or if you're going to wear makeup, then you should apply by carefully patting on after foundation and before powder. I really wasn't sure how this would work, fearing that it would just rub my foundation off.

Does it work? Yes, definitely. It's actually pretty amazing to see my nose so poreless! Once I have applied my powder over the top, it really does look super smooth! The pore blurring effect lasts so much longer than any pore blurring primer I've ever tried (pretty much a whole 10 hour day). It's mattifying effect actually keeps my t zone from needing blotting/ powdering as quickly as usual, which is handy during a work day. Although I still blot and powder once in that time, the pore blurring effect stays. I find that most pore blurring primers make my skin look great to start with but after a couple of hours, the large pores on my nose start to reappear. This product is different!

However, there are just a couple of things to note about it.I will say that the first time I tried it, it did remove the foundation from my nose and I had to reapply my foundation. However, I have discovered that the secret is to use the tiniest amount, and I really do mean tiny. As in I put one drop of the liquid onto the back of my hand and tap two fingers into it then very gently tap onto the areas where I want to minimize pores and keep things matte. I might use more than one drop in the end but I find it best to begin with the smallest amount possible to avoid ruining my foundation. You can't rub it in or even pat more than absolutely necessary to apply it to your skin because it would remove bits of your foundation. It feels slightly tacky on the skin but dries very quickly to a super matte finish.

It also leaves a slight lightened effect from the white shade of the product. Once I have popped my powder over the top, you wouldn't know, butt bearing in mind that I'm fair skinned, I'm not sure how it would work for darker skin tones.

Would I use it every day? Well...I didn't think so but actually now I've got the hang of it, I have been because the extra step really doesn't take long considering the amazing and long lasting effect it has. 

Hylamide Pore Delete costs £18 and you can find it with free delivery here. Personally I think it's worth the price because you need to use so little of it each time that 30ml would last a long time, even if you use it on an everyday basis.

Do you have a favourite pore blurring product?

Em x