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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nail Polish Empties/ Clear Out

I re-organised my nail polishes recently and threw out a few that were either finished or almost finished and super gloopy. It's not often I finish nail polish so you know that I really enjoyed these. Next time, however, I will try to throw them away as I finish them rather than leaving them lurking in my stash! Here's what I finished/ threw away from left to right of the photo...

1. OutTheDoor top coat (large salon size) was a brilliant top coat for being fast drying so it's great if you're in a rush. At the time I bought it, it worked out quite a bit cheaper than Seche Vite. However, I have come to realise that I prefer top coats that might take a little longer to dry but that do more to protect my nails from chipping so I can't see myself repurchasing this.

2. Butter London West End Wonderland is a dense gold glitter polish. It was nice but I won't be repurchasing as Butter London polishes are expensive and chip quite quickly on me, there are other brands I prefer. I think I actually bought this one substantially cheaper than usual in TK Maxx.

3. I have already repurchased Essie's Summit of Style and it appeared in my March favourites post too. This is a beautiful rose gold polish with chunky and smaller glitter pieces. I would deifnitely recommend it.

4. Nicole by OPI 'Wear something Spar-Kylie' is a dense pink glitter polish. It's more something you would wear on it's own than a top coat for other polishes. I really enjoyed this shade and would recommend it but I have a couple of similar polishes so I won't be repurchasing at the moment.

5. Essie's 'Leading Lady' is a super glamorous dark red filled with little brighter red glitters. It is so lovely around Christmas time especially. I had a backup already and the last bit of this one went gloopy so I decided just to throw it away rather than trying to use nail polish thinner (I use the Seche Vite one, if you wondered).

6. Nails Inc a&e is a base coat with nail conditioning qualities. I repurchased straight away because I do feel like this helps the general condition of my nails. They are stronger and don't split of break as often.

7. Nails Inc 'Albert Bridge' top coat is reasonably fast drying but is just ok on the chipping front. It's not bad, but could be better. I do have another albert bridge to use up, however, because unfortunately I could only find the a&e in a double pack with this. I thought I had found a good top coat in the Maybelline Super Stay top coat (you might have seen it in my February favourites) but it since went gloopy half way down the bottle so now I'm not sure...I'm now testing out Orly Glosser as recommended by Zoe from MammafulZo.

Have you used up any nail polishes lately?

Em x