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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Luminous Landscapes: A Festival of Light

On Friday evening, I went along to an event called Luminous Landscapes at the Festival Gardens which is right alongside the River Mersey in Liverpool. I felt that it was mostly aimed at families with most people having children with them but I went with my husband in tow instead haha.

This was the first time that the organisers (The Liverpool Lantern Company) have held an event here, with their previous events being held at Sefton Park. This did mean that the event was ticketed and cost £6.25 per adult when it was previously free. However, I felt that it was well worth the cost and it was a bit better organised rather than the free for all at the park where it was difficult to see what was going on. Going from advice from people on their facebook page, we used public transport to get there due to the limited parking available and took a flask along with us because it did get pretty cold!

It was a magical evening of lanterns, illuminated puppets and interactive theatre. It was lovely to see children being allowed to interact with actors and touch the puppets. There were also ticketed lantern making workshops in the run up to the event, at which children could make their own little lantern to light the way. The trail we followed was dimly lit by the lanterns but it definitely added an extra dimension for kids. We took a torch instead, which came handy for reading the programme as we were walking around.

The idea was that humans changed place with insects to enable us to see the natural world from a new perspective. There was also a serious message to the event, with it being based around environmental issues such as 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and the need to look after our surroundings.

Although this event is now all booked up, The Liverpool Lantern Company seem to hold events reasonably regularly and I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Em x