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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

FAB (First Aid Beauty) Skincare: Worth the Price Tag?

I've thought about trying some skincare things from First Aid Beauty for a while now after reading good things online, especially after I saw the amazing Caroline Hirons mention the Facial Radiance Pads. Although I have a little collection of tried and tested skincare products and change some steps depending on how my skin is feeling, I don't try new skincare products very often because my skin sometimes doesn't react well, but I saw these in the January sale on BeautyBay and couldn't resist. They came as two bundles (as pictured) and each bundle was around the £15 mark, so basically £5 per product. This was an absolute bargain, with some of them being over £20 each! As you can imagine, they sold out super quickly at that price so I was lucky to get my hands on them. It basically meant I could try out some more pricey products at 'drugstore' prices to see if they were worth the price tag and I've been testing them out for a good few weeks now.

In the First Bundle (pictured above), there are three products that all say they are suitable for sensitive skin. First is the Face Cleanser which is a simple cleanser in a tube. It cleans my skin nicely without drying it out and I suspect it would be nice on all skin types. My combo-oily skin is quite happy with it but I don't think it would be too harsh on dryer skins either. It does say it removes makeup but it isn't as thick and creamy as a hot cloth cleanser and I therefore prefer to use this either in the morning or on evenings when I have been wearing not much or no makeup.

The Facial Radiance Pads are a chemical exfoliant, containing glycolic and lactic acids. Both of these ingredients help cell turnover and I find help to smooth the skin, make pores less noticeable and help to keep breakouts at bay. FAB say that these pads are gentle enough to use every day. I have been using the Nip & Fab glycolic pads and extreme night pads for quite a while and these are a similar type of product. I am enjoying the FAB ones but for me personally, I don't think they do a better job than the Nip & Fab ones, which are subtantially cheaper (when paying full price for either product). I therefore think I would only pick these up again on offer. However, if you have particularly sensitive or dry skin that doesn't get on well with alcohol in your products then I can see that being alcohol free would be an advantage and perhaps the FAB ones would be worth considering.

The Ultra Repair Cream is quite a thick cream designed for dry skin, which I don't have on my face. It is, however, designed to be used on face and body so I have been using it on my body and hands, focusing on any dryer areas. I have really been enjoying it for that purpose and it does a good job. It is, however, on the pricey side as a product to be used as a body cream when it's not on sale (full price £22) and there are other, more budget friendly products that I like for doing the same job. If you have dry skin on your face then it might be a bit more worth the price.

The second bundle contained three products from FAB's Skin Rescue range, which is designed for oily/ blemish prone skin. It included the Deep Cleanser with Red Clay, Daily Face Cream and the Blemish Control Pads.

The Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay is a red gel type cleanser and I can see why it's aimed more at oily skin in that it is a little more stripping and deep cleansing (although not overly drying on my combo-oily skin).The texture is slightly strange for a cleanser actually, it sort of feels like smearing a peel off mask on your face initially (a very thick gel). This is something I would reach for if my skin was feeling a overly oily or a bit congested. It's definitely not something I would use on an everyday basis as I generally prefer to use something a bit more gentle. I have been enjoying using it once or twice a week though, and I do feel like it makes me less oily so I would consider repurchasing this one.

The Daily Face Cream is an oil free moisturiser that, as they say, is suitable for oilier skins because it is quite lightweight. It's a nice moisturiser but is something I could easily replace with  cheaper product. It's nice for the price I paid, but I'm not wowed enough to pay full price for it.

The Blemish Control Pads contain, amongst other things, tea tree oil and salicylic acid to help control spots.  I tested these out around 'that time of the month', when I always seem to get a few spots. They did seem to help clear things up but then so do the Nip & Fab extreme pads, which contain glycolic and salicylic and are normally substantially cheaper.

Overall, I am enjoying these products and am glad I tried them. I would quite happily pick them up if I found them on a good offer again and I would consider full price for the skin rescue deep cleanser, which was my favourite of the bunch. However, for me personally, most of the products are not worth the full price tag, mostly because I already know of cheaper products that work for my skin just as well. If you have particularly sensitive skin then I think the original range may be worth looking into because it does seem to be nice and gentle. If you are looking to spend a bit more on skincare, then it is a nice range, but I am only willing to spend more if a product is going to be substantially better than something more budget friendly, if that makes sense.

You can find the FAB skincare range via Beauty Bay here (where most items have a little bit of money off at the moment). 

Have you tried FAB skincare? What do you think?

Em x