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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Only One?

I've been meaning to post a review on this lipstick for a while because I've had it for maybe a couple of months and it has become quite a favourite. Rimmel claim that their new lipstick formula is 'a no compromise all-in-one lipstick. For long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear' and that once you try it, it will be the only formula you'll ever need. As someone who's pretty keen on lipstick, I'm not sure about that last part, but it's pretty good.

Something I like about the packaging is that there is a little band of colour around the tube that matches the colour of the lipstick. It means that if you had a few of these, it would be much easier to find the shades you were looking for.

I swatched a few shades in store and decided to try the shade 'Naughty Nude', which is a darker nude with a slight pink tone to it-on me it is a genuine 'my lips but better' shade because it is just a little darker than my lips. The one downside to the range is that a lot of the shades are pretty bold and there were only a couple of nudes to choose from.

As for the comfort and moisture claims, they're spot on. The lipstick glides on very smoothly and feels very comfortable to wear. It has quite a bit of 'slip' to it when you rub your lips together at first but settles into a satin finish. It is not at all drying on the lips, making it an easy to wear formula. It really is pretty long lasting in comparison to my other lipsticks of similar texture as well, seeming to turn into a sort of stain after a while. It' a thumbs up from me and I'm already thinking of picking up one or two other shades.

Have you tried the Rimmel 'The Only One' lipstick line?

Em x