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Monday, 9 November 2015

My Current Favourite Autumn Nails

I've had this nail polish combination on my nails for a few weeks now (I have re-painted my nails with the same colours of course...come to think of it, it really should have appeared in my October favourites). You know I love nail polish when I use it that much because being a bit of a nail polish hoarder (guilty as charged!) I have quite a number of them to choose from.

The first polish is the Maybelline Super Stay 7 days nail polish in the shade 'Divine Wine'. I have mentioned these polishes before because they are AMAZING. As in I'm reluctant to wear any other formula amazing. They really do last well...better than any other nail polish I've tried and that includes much more expensive brands. I get about 5 days out of them (not quite 7) with my usual base and top coat but I am quite hard on my nails and usually I only get 2 days, so that's pretty impressive! They also have a wide, flat brush that makes it easy to apply and all the ones I have look pretty even in one coat. I normally do two for a perfect finish but I can get away with one if I'm in a rush and it still look pretty damn good. Add to that the beautiful berry shade of 'Divine Wine' and I'm totally sold-it's the perfect shade for Autumn/ Winter. You can find it via Superdrug for £4.49/ 3 for 2 here.

I have then been adding an accent nail on my ring finger by topping the Maybelline polish with Nails Inc's'Buckingham Square'-a chunky rose gold glitter. I quite like an accent nail...but my dad apparently doesn't. Me and hubby went out for dinner with my family recently and he asked 'Em...why have you got odd nails?'...but then he probably knows as much about nails as he does about fashion if his constant attempts at fashion advice are anything to go by haha...dads huh? Anyway...the shade came as part of the 'Winter Wonderland' set from last Christmas, which due to buying it in a sale in the middle of Summer, I scored for under £6 instead of the full price of £29. You can still find it online (the cheapest I an find it is £15 via the Nails Inc site here).

What do you think? What is your favourite nail polish shade at the moment?

Em x